I voted for myself… it was surreal.

Last week I voted early in our Primary and I voted for myself. Until a few years ago the thought of running for office had never crossed my mind. And until a few months ago I had never really considered that I would be selecting myself at the ballot box. The journey has really begun!

If you haven’t voted yet (or even registered) be sure and get to your voting center tomorrow (8/16/16) and vote. If you aren’t registered you can register when you arrive. If you want to switch party affiliation to Democrat you can vote for me twice – once at the primary and then again at the general election.

For Laramie County you can find your voting center at https://maps.laramiecounty.com/votecenters/. For general information on voting such as how to register or vote with an absentee ballot as well as where to vote in the rest of Wyoming you can go to the Secretary of State’s page at http://soswy.state.wy.us/Elections/Voting.aspx.