Where She Stands

Wyoming and its citizens have faced many challenges over the years and given the current economic and political climate this isn’t likely to change in the near future. To deal with the challenges to come, Wyoming needs legislators who are willing to inform themselves about the issues and have the desire and skills to engage their constituents to craft solutions that work for Wyoming and all of its citizens.

Juliet Daniels has the communication, research, and problem solving skills to move Wyoming forward and is committed to putting the people of Wyoming first. She’ll work to ensure that Wyoming remains a great place to raise a family with quality high paying jobs where everyone can benefit from Wyoming’s cherished open spaces. Juliet will fight to:

  • Diversify Wyoming’s economy and improve the business climate through economic development and job growth, which will provide for the economic advancement of all Wyoming’s citizens;
  • Ensure that all of Wyoming’s citizens have access to a quality education, not only to enhance their individual lives but also to promote an informed and able workforce;
  • Provide adequate funding to local government to ensure cities, counties, and school districts deliver the essential services required by Wyoming citizens;
  • Strengthen and expand programs to protect the health of all Wyoming citizens; and
  • Guarantee public lands remain accessible to Wyoming citizens for a multitude of uses.

As you think about Wyoming’s future, what are your priorities and concerns?